Become a Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordination Australia runs regular training programs designed to give professionals who already have the expertise and experience of working with high conflict families, the knowledge, skills and endorsement to begin practising Parenting Coordination.

Becoming a Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinators come from a variety of professions including family and relationship lawyers, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, mediators and FDRPs. The experience they bring from their individual discipline forms the foundation for their PC training where they will build multidisciplinary skills in a variety of areas to meet the international best practice guidelines of the AFCC to coach parents in healthier conflict resolution techniques and improve long-term parent-child relationships.

In some cases professionals choose to complete PC training to help them understand the process they will be referring their vulnerable clients into and may not intend to practise as a PC in the future.

What Field Do Our Parenting Coordinators From?

The Parenting Coordinators who have been certified through us often, but not exclusively come from  the following professions;

  • Family Report Writers
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Family Lawyers
  • Independent Children’s Lawyers
  • Mediators
  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs)

Insights from Our Trained PCs

  • “The training has been outstanding - it will have a significant impact on how we consider FDR and how we position, market and define the emergent PC element of our practice. I am excited to take this back to my colleagues”

    - Kylie Nicholson, FDRP & Mediator at Danielle Lundberg and Associates.
  • “I am already keen to add PC to my suite of professional offerings. It has great potential benefits for families and most importantly children”

    - Deborah Akers, Principal Solicitor Akers Law, Mediator & FDRP
  • “I am very much looking forward to adding Parenting Coordination to my practice. I am excited by the potential for real pragmatic impact upon co-parenting arrangements, and especially upon the wellbeing of children within the context of separated families”

    - Arthur Athan, Associate Family Lawyer at Maeve O’Brien & Associates
  • “The role plays, both demonstrations, and practices, were invaluable. Getting people to put into practice what they are learning is vital, and you guys do this brilliantly (among many other things)”

    - Dr Mandy-Jo Ellis, Psychologist
  • “Gained an invaluable understanding of PC and learnt more skills/tools that will add-value to my existing practice but further that allows an opportunity for me to expand my practice into PC work”

    - Selena Cartwright, Family Lawyer, Mediator, FDRP & Arbitrator

Once You Graduate:


Join Australia Parenting Coordination’s professional community.


Become an endorsed Parenting Coordinator.


Gain access to Australian Parenting Coordination’s support network and booking portal.


Start accepting referrals.